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Faculty and Staff

St. Nicholas School is blessed with a wonderful group of teachers that excel at their work.  Their passion for their students translates into a nurturing and dynamic classroom environment where children thrive.  Our faculty is supported by a staff of individuals that keep things running smoothly every day. 

Position Name Email


Elizabeth McCullough

Administrative Assistant 


Chrissy Goss

Rose Radilovic

Kindergarten Maria Granchie

First Grade

James Alden

Second Grade 

Barbara Bond


Third Grade Gina Heeter

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Lisa McConnell

 Ryan Gill    

Fifth Grade Jacqulyn Dinardo

Sixth Grade Stephanie Creighton

Seventh Grade Phyllis Fajack       

Eighth Grade Mary Catherine Harold

Computer Dave Edelstein



Mark Halls


Physical Education


Sandra Ketchem

Pat Fletcher


Title I



Parent Liaison- Title

Lydia Hammar

Glen Windram

Linda Fortini

Cheryl Angeloff

Auxiliary Clerk Annette Cioci


Nurse Kathy Olesh