Mom's and Dad's Club

The Moms and Dads Club is a parent organization that seeks to assist and support the administration and faculty in their efforts to provide a quality Catholic school education. Through its many committees, The Mom's and Dad's Club provides the financial and volunteer support for extracurricular activities, materials, and programs at our school through a variety of initiatives and fundraising activities.  Membership dues is $5.00 per adult due at the beginning of each school year.


Meetings are held monthly and will be scheduled in the fall.

Social Events and Fundraising

Handel's Fundraiser Form Sept. 2023

The Mom's and Dad's Club is known for their Lenten fish fry dinners. 


Funded Projects


The Moms’ and Dads’ Club is an on-going fund raising organization that has a history of involvement in supporting projects to improve the environment and needs of the school

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