Eighth Grade

Curriculum at a Glance

The eighth grade curriculum consist of the study of American History covering the time from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War.  The eighth grade also studies Physical Science and Pre-Algebra.  Our Literature series includes several anthologies - all based on various themes.  Throughout the series we cover literary, grammar, and spelling skills.  Also, we incorporate these skills into novels that the students read throughout the quarter, including the YSU English Festival books.  We strive to meet the Common Core standards while incorporating technology into the learning environment. 


The eighth grade is filled with fun, exciting, and memorable events.  We celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in the fall with the Bishop and perform the passion of Christ in Mime during Holy Week.  The students participate in the YSU English Festival and many writing competitions throughout the year.  We attend several educational field trips including a trip to the Mahoning County Courthouse to bring to life our studies of the American Judicial System.  We also attend a tour of MCCTS so the students have an understanding of what is available to them when they leave St. Nicholas School.  At the end of the year, there is a day trip for just the eighth grade; we have traveled to Niagara Falls and Kalahari in the past.  The students get to gather for a final Friends & Farwell day at the Great Hall to celebrate their time together before we conclude with a beautiful Graduation Mass.