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Four Great Things about St. Nicholas School

Catholic Identity and Faith Infused With Learning

St. Nicholas students have a strong connection to our parish through daily interaction with our Pastor, regular participation at school Masses and frequent opportunities to practice their Catholic values. As a result, students reflect an attitude and school pride within and outside of school.

Academic Quality

St. Nicholas School creates an interactive classroom  environment through the use of educational technology, such as SMART Boards, ELMOS, and computers in every classroom.   Our students consistently perform well in local and state academic competitions such as the National Engineers Week Future City competition and the EOCTM elementary Math Contest. They are also often recognized by high school teachers for their strengths in knowledge, self-discipline and respect of others.

Safety, Structure & Discipline

St. Nicholas school is committed to maintaining a secure environment.  Doors to the school  are locked at all times and the  main entrance is monitored and opened electronically through the main office.  Student safety is reinforced through repeated fire, tornado and lock down drills.

Activities & Leadership

Due to a caring faculty and an extremely involved pastor, our students learn to give from their hearts, having a respect and a responsibility toward themselves and others that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.