Volunteer Opportunities

Encouraging family participation is an important part of St. Nicholas School. Parent participation is welcomed and appreciated. You can get involved throughout the school day, including the cafeteria and recess. Parents also have the opportunity to join the St. Nicholas Moms and Dads Club.

With demanding schedules and daily challenges, it can be difficult to find the time to get involved. With a wide variety of options, it’s just a matter of determining which opportunity works best for you and your family. 

Child Protection Policy for Volunteers

In order to volunteer on a regular basis, we follow the guidelines of the Diocesan Child Protection Policy. Volunteer requirements:

Authorization & Verification/Acknowledgement

All employees and volunteers must receive a copy of the Child Protection Policy and sign the Authorization and Verification Form and Acknowledgement page. The signed forms are to be kept on file at the location of service; the date signed is to be noted on the Compliance Checklist and sent to the Chancery.

Fingerprinting and In-Service

Employees and volunteers who work with children, regardless of their level of contact with children, must be fingerprinted and participate in our “Protecting God's Children for Adults” in-service program. Please click on the link below and select "Youngstown Diocese" and then click on the "select" button to direct you to upcoming in-services.

Protecting God's Children for Adults- VIRTUS Online