Policies and Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal

Tardy Bell/Opening Exercises  7:35 AM.     
Dismissal  2:10 PM.

Dress Code

St. Nicholas School believes that an appropriate Dress Code is important in educating our students. Therefore, our students are required to wear a school uniform and our parents are happy to alleviate those early morning clothing hassles!

Youngstown Board of Education Transportation

For information on busing service through Versatrans E-Link Parent Portal and Versatrans My Stop follow the link below. When you sign into your account you will be able to find the bus time schedule for your child and check to see the location of the bus during their route. There is also a link to download an Alternative Transportation Request form. 


Code of Conduct

We believe that all children are expected to behave in accordance with the Gospel message.  As Catholics, we are mandated by our faith to treat each other with love and respect. In registering at St. Nicholas School, both students and parents agree to comply with and support the discipline policies and regulations, as outlined in the Code of Conduct

School Closings and Delays

  • When Youngstown City Schools close, Saint Nicholas School is also closed.  When Struthers City Schools close, Saint Nicholas School is also closed. If you see Youngstown City or Struthers City Schools closed ~ St. Nicholas School is closed.
  • Saint Nicholas School does not have a two hour delay. When Struthers has a two hour delay, they do not provide AM busing for Saint Nicholas School. If you ride a Struthers bus in the morning, you will have to find your own transportation. Youngstown does not do two hour delays.
  • Whenever Saint Nicholas School is closed due to weather, the name SAINT NICHOLAS SCHOOL, STRUTHERS, will be broadcasted across the scroll on local television stations. It will also be posted on Option C and parents will receive a Parent Broadcast message from the principal.
  • On any day in which classes are canceled due to severe weather conditions, all other school-related activities shall likewise be canceled. If we are closed and the hosting team was open that day, the activity is still on.

School Crisis Management 

The Crisis Management Plan is intended to provide the school administration and staff an opportunity to prepare responses to a wide variety of emergencies. The plan gives specific attention to: issues of violence, threats upon persons or property, natural disasters, civil unrest, intruders, environmental disasters, contraband, and utilities failure. The Crisis Management Plan relies heavily upon the local school staff for implementation.

The primary members of the Crisis Management Team are the Pastor, school Principal, Secretaries, Custodian, and Teachers. Parents, local law enforcement and emergency service agencies may assist them. Each team member has a specific role and will have a written description of their duties as the plan is called into action. A copy of the Crisis Management Plan is also available in the school office.

 Downloadable Documents